Our obligation

Our highest obligation is to the home. Regardless of the pressures we feel, we strive to provide reports that realistically describe the condition of the home in our opinion. We make no attempt to minimize or magnify conditions we identify. Hence, we are compelled to report the property exactly as we see it.

Our understanding of buildings and their components

Our certified inspectors are also NACHI members. NACHI inspectors must stay current with continuing education courses on the major systems and components of the home. This enables us to properly evaluate each home with the highest level of accuracy. Being a competent home inspector requires a high-level of intellectual activity; we must observe, evaluate, analyze, and draw conclusions about the systems of the home based on a one-time visual examination. We also have an extensive network of industry professionals for inquiries beyond our scope of knowledge.

We go out of our way

We go out of our way to move insulation in the attic from the roof/wall bracing in order to obtain a clear view of how your home is attached. We thoroughly check for any etchings or stickers on doors, windows and shutters. Many inspectors don’t try as hard as we do. This could mean a lot to you. It could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in insurance credits.

Whether it is a home inspection or a required insurance inspection, our inspectors will take the time to thoroughly evaluate each aspect in order to assure you that the findings on your report are accurate.

Our photographs

Clear photos are very important on inspections. We take more than is needed so that we will not have to revisit the home. Agents love that they don’t have to question what they see in our photos.

Our video

On issues where movement is necessary to get the total picture, we will include video in our reports explaining the findings.

Our reporting system

We believe we use the best state-of-the-art reporting system: HomeGauge. We computer generate your home inspection in the field, upload your report to the cloud, and save it for you online for five years. You can access your report with your secured username and password either through www.ginwinhomeinspections.com or www.homegauge.com for 5 years! Not only that but you can access your report anywhere and anytime, even if you are in another country.

Our reports are a combination of check-list and summary. This means you won’t have to read through a bunch of writing before finding out what the problems or deficiencies are. We believe in clear understanding. With HomeGauge and InterNACHI, we are able to provide you with the best quality reporting system.

Online scheduling

Schedule your appointment online, if you prefer. Or you may contact us directly.

Free insurance inspection

We not only perform home inspections we also perform insurance inspections. We offer wind mitigation inspections, four point inspections, and roof condition certification inspections.

Wind mitigation inspections are designed for the sole purpose of reducing your insurance costs. If your insurance agent contacts us to set up a wind mitigation inspection for you and during the course of your mitigation inspection we discover it will not benefit you, then there will be no charge for the inspection. We will gladly explain what you will need to do to in order to strengthen your property against hurricane force conditions.

Free estimates

We give you up to date industry standard estimates on all reports. This is useful in negotiations with the seller and the agent.

Free BuildFAX property history report

Included free with your home inspection is a property history report. This report gives the background of the property. It shows all prior permitted work done on the property large and small. This is valuable information you’ll want to have.

Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors